the GOOD OLD BOYS band
Through 30 plus years of each going their own way musically, the "boys" kept in their heart and soul the remembrance of the tight inspired sound they made together. Ron especially kept searching for that 'relaxed, but together' chemistry in every band he had a part in. Nothing seemed to capture the same feel he had with Scott So, in 2011 Ron reunited with "the Boys" to do a reunion at a local club. It was astounding! The magic was back and the band was now pleasing a new audiance. Although the Boys are a little older now, their music is still as good, perhaps better. Ron's voice is strikingly dynamic and powerful as ever. They certainly seem to be enjoying it more and audiences are responding to real heart-felt music for a change.
Vintage Rock
The heart and muscle of the 1980's band,
Reunited again, offering the best in Country-Blues
Ron Lentz
Scott White

In the late 70's a band of young dedicated musicians charted new territory in progressive Country. A sound that will be long remembered and imitated, they were truely ahead of their time.
As Country music went through an evolutionary change during the 90's, we find the bands one regret was not to have invisioned the change and wait a few more years for the music industry to catch up.
The unique and inovative guitar styling along with Scott's driving, but very tasteful harmonica, will always be remembered as spearheading the powerhouse rhythm set down by Ron Lentz's percussive rock solid bass playing.